We have several documents prepared to help with some of the common email setup tasks that our users often need help with.

Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail Setup Instructions This is a .pdf file that has the settings for our email servers, as well as advanced settings for accessing mail from the road.

User Interface Instructions for our Spam Gateway Users can log into our inbound mail gateway and change spam filter settings, as well as release emails that may have been quarantineed by the Virus Scanner

IMAP vs POP3 Email Types As more users begin using phones and other handheld devices, this paper is intended to explain the difference between traditional POP3 accounts and IMAP accounts, and solutions to major issues mixing the two.

Spam & Virus Protection Software

The number one complaint among our broadband customers is the constant headaches caused by virus, worm, and spyware infections. Although our mail server now has among the best filtering capability in the country, HTTP born threats are virtually impossible to filter.

These are some links to software that we use extensively and feel strongly about.

AVG Anti Virus - Excellent Virus Scanner with a free version!!! Expired versions of expensive scanners are USELESS! AVG has consistently ranked in the top when it comes to staying on top of virus detection. Note: Always set your virus scanner to update often, preferably at least each night. Dozen's of new virus varients appear daily!

Zone Labs Product Comparison - Time proven firewall protection. Free version available, but Anti-Spyware version is WORTH $29! The spyware version is nice because it scans daily.

Spybot - Search & Destroy - If you don't buy ZoneLabs Anti-spyware package, this one is FREE. If you ever paid a technician to come work on your computer, they probably used Spybot. It's probably the most downloaded program, and this is a direct link to the download page at downloads.com.