High Speed Broadband Access

Basin Broadband maintains the area's largest wireless network dedicated solely to TCP/IP networking. One of the best features of our network is that users have the highest amount of upload speed around, which greatly improves the performance of VPN's, VoIP, and other business applications.

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Pricing starts at $189/month, with a one time $200 setup charge for custmers near town, and $300 for rural and oilfield locations.

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Basin Broadband is now capable of providing "HyperBroadband" performance. Both download AND upload speed will reach 8mb! In addition, latency is extremely low and consistent. Since it's deployment in October 2006, it has also proven to be the most reliable technology available.

Basin Broadband also maintains the largest amount of redundancy. Our 'mesh' architecture gives us one of the highest levels of reliability. In fact, we can even provide redundant customer connections to maintain a 'failsafe' level of reliability.

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World Class Email Server

While many ISP's struggle to slow down the increasing flurry of SPAM and Viruses, Basin Broadband has closed the door on over 95% of the spam that tries to get in. Our mail server sits in our Network Operations Center in Midland, Texas, and features cutting-edge technology that blocks the spam. It also utilizes multiple virus scanners that update virus definition libraries every 15 minutes.

This state-of-the-art service is part of the package provided to all of our broadband customers.

Web Hosting

Basin Broadband maintains multiple web servers running under both Windows and Linux. Hosting is provided only for Broadband customers.