Broadband Information & Pricing

Basin Broadband maintains the areas largest and fastest Wireless Broadband network. Our service requires the installation of a small antenna to be mounted on your building. The antenna must have a good view of one of our 18 transmission towers. This outside antenna is needed in order to provide solid upload performance. Unlike Cable/DSL and other wireless providers that can only provide 200k-300k of upstream speed, Basin Broadband can provide greater than 8000k (8mbps) of both upload speed, as well as download speed, to most customers.


Pricing is based on bandwidth used. Unlike traditional technology where customers have to pay for speed, Basin Broadband's innovative network delivers true broadband speed throughout the area. Most businesses don't actual use that much bandwidth, but time means money, and less time wasted waiting on the Internet improves workflow. In fact, usage for most businesses falls easily within our Premium package. Most cases of excessive bandwidth is a result of music and file sharing application left running wide open, or Internet radio left running on desktops all day. All though Basin Broadband doesn't restrict these applications, we strongly discourage them as our network is designed for business applications.

If usage begins to exceed the quota for the package, Basin Broadband will notify the customer. In many cases, the usage is a result of non-business related activities, which most businesses don't like anyway. However, in the event that the customers needs have increased, then Basin Broadband can increase to the next plan.

HyperBroadband TM

$189/month - $200 One Time Charge

Same Features as Premium, Plus

Increased Performance Equipment

Up to 8mb Transfer Rate Up AND Down

30 Times Faster Than Most Cable/DSL.

Managed Firewall Available

40 GB Monthly Transfer


$289/month - $200 One Time Charge

Same as HyperBroadband performance package,

but with 80 GB Monthly Transfer


$389/month - $600 One Time Charge

Monthly Transfer up to 100GB

Fully Redundant Customer Equipment including two independant links and a managed router to automatically switch if one goes down.

Installation includes all equipment necessary to establish our proven and dependable, full-time Internet Connection. Up to 3 hours labor and basic mounting hardware is included. Additional labor will be billed at the normal rate.

Basin Broadband can provide a static IP address for the Customer's router if one is needed.

If the customer does not have their own router, Basin Broadband can provide basic firewalling for the customer.
Basin Broadband installers can also perform networking and cabling. Standard labor rates apply to additional work.