Our Network
One of the most important things to know about Basin Broadband is that we engineered our network specifically for Broadband Internet applications, resulting in an infrastructure optimized for Internet performance. It's the salient feature of our service, setting us apart from telephone companies, systems integrators, and the dozens of ISPs you see advertised in the back of your local business section. When we set out to build our network, we drew on years of experience in pioneering the standards and technologies that became the modern Internet. In fact, company founder Randall Roberts pioneered Broadband in West Texas when he deployed a microwave network in 1996 that was designed exclusively to TCP/IP communication.

Our network is geared for speed and dependability from the ground up with fiber backbone connections to Internet Backbone. Through the wireless network we have built, maintained, and constantly upgraded since 1996, we can provide reliability and service for all of your internet needs. This network includes over 18 access points spread throughout the Permian Basin.

Beginning in 2004, Basin Broadband began laying the foundation for the Internet access of the future, which we named "HyperBroadband". First, all of our inter-connecting equipment had to be replaced with much higher capacity equipment. To increase reliability, redundancy was installed at almost every level of our network.

In the fall of 2006, HyperBroadband was debuted when a VPN was installed to connect a customers Andrews and Odessa offices. The result was a cast iron reliable, 8mbx8mb connection between the two. This was unheard of in 2006, and today remains the most cost-effective solution for high-end broadband in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico.

There is a difference among Internet service providers. The advanced capabilities of Basin Broadband's Internet-optimized network are a critical part of that difference.