Its a tough decision to make; what children should, or should not see on the Internet. We know that as a parent you want to protect your children from the dangers that might lurk in the dark corners of the Internet. Children can't always see these dangers, and let's face it, there is just not enough time to look at all the websites that pop up every day to make sure they are suitable for our children.

So how do we, as responsible parents, make sure that what our children have access to is suitable?

Let's first discuss our policy regarding content filtering. At Basin Broadband we do not filter any of the content that can be accessed through our service. We do not feel that it is our right to tell our subscribers what they can and cannot view on the Internet. The free exchange of information and ideas should not be impeded by any one person or company. You may not agree with the content of a particular website, but you have the option to not access that site or set up content filtering software to prevent unintentional access. We cannot make this decision for you.

To help you in determining the best method of protecting your family from improper website content, we have provided links to the more popular sites concerning this issue. It is our hope that these resources will help you make an informed decision about how and why to block certain website content.


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