What makes us special?

Redundancy- Basin Broadband knows that reliability is #1 for a modern business that relies on the Internet. We have up to three layers of redundancy  available throughout our network. First, all of our 17 towers are interconnected with multiple connections to insure that a failure anywhere throughout our network will have minimal effect on our customers. Second, multiple Access Points on each tower are available to serve every  Hyperbroadband customer. We know from 15 years experience in Wireless Broadband that the weather in West Texas can be extreme and having redundant equipment on the tower is a life saver. The third level of redundancy is the option to have multiple connections at the  customer site with automatic fallover is case of a failure.

Performance- Our primary market is companies that need consistent bi-directional connections for VPN's to remote locations and VoIP phones. While cable modems can now provide tremendous download speed, the upload speed remains slow, making it the major bottleneck. DSL is even worse in most cases. This is why we came up with 'Hyperbroadband'-- 8mb X 8mb connections with ultra low latency. Unlike some providers that use a 'cell' phone type technology with a modem placed inside your business, Basin Broadband uses 'fixed' wireless - a small antenna thats mounted outside to create a direct connection to our nearest microwave tower.

Coverage- Basin Broadband covers most of West Texas and SE New Mexico, including Midland, Greenwood, Odessa, Crane, Gardendale, Andrews, Seminole, Hobbs, Kermit, Notrees, Monahans, and Pecos. In fact, at last count our network included 17 microwave towers for unparalleled coverage.  This allows companies with multiple offices in these areas to connect at Hyperbroadband speed, making VPN's perform many times better than if they were connected through slower T1's, Cable and DSL.

Value- The performance of more than four T1's combined, for the price of a fraction of one T1! Our goal wasn't to try to provide minimal service to the masses- it was to provide a premium service to customers whose business depends on a fast, reliable service.